Load Deflection Behaviour of Restrained RC Skew Slabs Using FEM Technique
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Brindavan College of Engineering Dwarakanagar, Bagalur Main Road, Yelahanka
In strengthened concrete construction, the slab is a widely used basic component shaping floors, street asphalt bridges and the rooftops. In the event that a road arrangement crosses a river or other block at an alignment not the same as 90 degrees, a skew intersection might be vital. In this paper, a technique is suggested for finding out the complete load deflection behaviour of RCC skew slabs fixed at the edges, which is subjected to consistently distributed load. The investigation is considered in two phases. In the first phase, the load deflection behaviour up to cracking load is considered. The behaviour between the cracking load and the yield line load is considered in the second stage. A skew angle of 15, 30 and 45 degrees are used to study the behavior of slabs. The results obtained by using FEM technique (software tool ANSYS) are compared with experimental and theoretical results.
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