A Study of the Vulnerability of the Conventional Bridge With Elasomeric Bearing and Lead Rubber Bearing
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1Tehran, narmak, Iran University of Science and technology
2شیخ بهایی جنوبی-شهرک والفجر- خیابان شهرداری-کوچه نیلوفر-پلاک6-طبقه4
3Ph.D Student
In this study, the performances of conventional multi span continuous (MSC) concrete girder bridge equipped with elastomeric bearing (Neoprene) and lead rubber bearing (LRB) are investigated. The nonlinear time history analysis is used and plastic hinges are also considered for nonlinear behavior in substructures of the bridge. In order to compare isolated bridge with LRB and as-built bridge (isolated with elastomeric bearing), two performance criteria based on column curvature and column drift are considered. The first criterion is based on the seismic damage state and the results of second criterion are presented as fragility curves by increasing the peak ground acceleration of twelve various near and far-field ground motions. Based on the results, it can be concluded that using lead rubber bearing, the damage state of substructure will be eliminated to slight level and probability of exceedance for each damage state and so the repair cost of substructure reduced significantly.
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